Monday, January 31, 2011

i need to sleep more...

So, it is official, I don't sleep enough.

How do I know this?  Not because of moodiness or sleepiness or anything like that, nope.  Because of stupidity.

Yup.  Stupidity.

I brush my teeth in the shower, and, this morning, when I went to brush my teeth, I put my toothpaste onto my razor, instead of my toothbrush.

Guys, this doesn't even make sense!  My toothbrush is green and white and my razor is orange and white.

Let's just be glad that I noticed BEFORE I tried to brush my teeth.

Also, I have decided to push back my trip to Seoul until my second last weekend here.  It's Lunar New Year this week, and I'm super worried about how busy it will be in Seoul, so, for the sake of my anxiety, I have decided to hold off.  It's probably a good decision.  I don't want to get there, freak out, and then spend my weekend in my hotel room.  Also, more planning time this way.

I went to pay my bills today, and I thought my landlord was asking about me having a cat AGAIN.  A few months ago, I went through this whole thing where when I went to pay my bills he was all "koyangi?  KOYANGI??" and pointing up towards my apartment.  I kept insisting that I didn't have a cat "koyangi, ahneeo!" but he wasn't having any of it.  He ended up calling my co-teacher to get her to tell me that I can't have a cat, and I had to get her to call him and assure him that I don't have one.

Then, when I lost my power last week, he had to come into my apartment to try and figure out what was going on.  Before he came in, he started up with the friggin' koyangi, again!  I was pretty sure that, after rummaging around my apartment, that he had satisfied himself with the fact that I clearly DO NOT have a cat.

So, fast forward to today.  I went to pay my bills, and I thought he was asking me about a cat AGAIN.  So, I was all "koyangi, ahneeo," and then he shook his head, and wrote down another word on my bill, and started listing English speaking countries.  THANK GOD this time he was asking me when I was going back, and not if I had a friggin' cat.  I would have lost my shit.

I also bought some really awesome konglish shirts today.  They're nothing special to look at, and, like most of the clothes in Korea, are made one size fits all, so they're ill fitting and baggy in weird places... like the armpits.

Seriously guys, the armpits.

I don't know how they make these clothes, but they're all baggy and weird in the armpit area, and the rest of the shirt, and then the sleeves that they attach are really tights.  WHAT is going on here, Korea??  It doesn't really matter, because they will just be lazy day around the house shirts back in Canada.  at least they're comfy.

Anyways, the grey shirt says, in giant white block letters: "JUROR RUN AWAY FROM MURDERER"

And, the black shirt that I bought says: "purple" in weird white swirly letters, and then, on the poorly placed pocket it says in bold white block letters "COLD WITH LIKE COLORS IF NEEDED DRY CLEAN OR HAND WASH"

The "purple" one just fits like an ill fitting sweater, at least.

I also bought a cute owl necklace, and a leaf necklace.  I would take pictures, but my camera battery is dead and currently on the charger.

I added Disqus to my blog to take care of all of the comments.  I wanted something where I could reply to each comment without making a big huge long reply, so, I hope you guys don't mind using it... 'cause it's making me happy!

Toodles <3

Oh!  OH!!  I almost forgot!!!

Today is my one year blogaversary!  Hurray!

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